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Alex Morgan was subbed out with an injury and fans are worried

It might be too early to celebrate the US Women’s National Team’s win over Sweden in their highly anticipated grudge match in the World Cup on Thursday. Despite the team’s victory, one dark cloud looms: What exactly happened to the US’s star striker, Alex Morgan? Morgan was subbed out halfway through game after she suffered…MORE

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful, court rules as war in Yemen rages on

British arms sales to Saudi Arabia were unlawful because they did not properly consider whether the weapons would be used to commit “serious violations of international humanitarian law,” the UK Court of Appeal ruled Thursday. The ruling will not halt British arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which is deeply involved in the civil war in…MORE

NASA releases new image of an impact crater on the surface of Mars

A new image of the Red Planet features some other colors. NASA has spotted a new impact crater on the surface of Mars, and scientists have released an image of it showing some blue and purple. The impact exposed the darker material beneath the planet’s characteristic reddish dust, according to the HiRISE Camera website that…MORE

Hyenas roamed the Arctic during the last ice age. Their teeth tell the tale.

Though today hyenas are often found stalking the African savannas and deserts, these predators once lived in a very different part of the world. A study published Tuesday in journal “Open Quaternary” confirmed scientist’s suspicions that hyenas roamed the Arctic during the last ice age. The study examined two fossil teeth that belonged to the…MORE

How London’s homicide rate stacks up against major US cities

A spate of violence in London sparked another vitriolic tweet from Donald Trump blaming mayor Sadiq Khan for the city’s knife crime problem — but is the British capital as dangerous as the US President suggested? Four people were murdered across London over the weekend, according to the city’s Metropolitan Police. On Saturday, Trump criticized…MORE

They wanted a son so much they made their daughter live as a boy

Sanjoor, Afghanistan — At first glance, 13-year-old Mangal Karimy could be any boy living in a small village in western Afghanistan, hauling firewood and feeding cattle on his father’s farm. Silently he hurries between chores — a slight figure in luminous white trainers, lugging jerry cans of water across barren fields. Until the age of…MORE


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