Play it Safe at Lucky Star Casino

Our friends at Lucky Star Casino are having their grand re-opening on Friday, May 15th! Below you will find all the ways Lucky Star Casino locations are planning on keeping their guests and employees safe during this time. 
Play it Safe at Lucky Star Casino
Entry to Casino: Thermal cameras that can assess body temperatures will be at the entry of all casino locations. If a customer’s thermal scan reads a temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or over the individual will be asked to step aside so that a manual temperature can be taken. If the manual temperature reading confirms the elevated temp the customer will be asked to leave.
Mask Policy: Masks will be provided to every patron. Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required. All employees will be required to wear masks.
Hand Sanitizing Stations: Additional hand sanitizing stations are positioned throughout each casino for customer and employee use. Frequent use of hand sanitizer is encouraged.
Wristbands: For additional protection will be requiring wristbands for everyone entering the casino that has been successfully scanned and has a temperature below 100.4 degrees. Wristbands will be color coded and changed daily at the discretion of management.
Workstations: Protective shields will be installed at all employee workstations inside the casino to avoid additional exposure for customers and employees.
Clean Machines: Once cash, a ticket or a player’s club card is put into a slot machine, the machines to the right and left will shut down to keep with social distancing regulations. When a customer cashes out of a slot machine a message will be sent to security that this machine needs cleaned before another patron can use it. In addition, all electronic games will be sanitized on a every 4-hour schedule whether the slot machine has been used or not.
Restaurants: All restaurants/delis will be open with seating following social distancing guidelines. Touch free or disposable menus will be used.
Drink Stations: All self-serve drink stations will remain closed to keep our customers safe. Servers will be on the casino floor to take and deliver patron drink orders.
Table Games: All table games will remain closed until further notice.
Employees: All casino employees will have their temperatures assessed at the beginning of each shift until further notice. Employees will be required to wear PPE and any employee exhibiting a Covid symptom, per the CDC guidelines, will be asked to self-quarantine regardless of whether a fever is present or not.


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