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Chris Cornell’s GD Mandolin

  Jake spoke with Chris Cornell, the legendary vocalist and front man for Soundgarden.  Chris is also an accomplished solo artist with his new body of work called “Higher Truth” coming out on the 18th of this month.  We were told we had four minutes with him.  We actually hogged almost 8 minutes of his…MORE

Anniversary Mad Season Vinyl

Much like Temple of the Dog, Mad Season was one of those Seattle bands in the 90’s that ended way too soon. The Seattle scene is still celebrated when anniversaries come around.   Mad Season were one of those bands that started something that could have been something epic.  What music they made was special…MORE

Roger Waters Hates Err Loves Pink Floyd

   For a guy, who repeatedly in interviews, sounds like he doesn’t care much about his old band, Roger Waters sure does seem to be all about Pink Floyd still.  The Wall the movie has been out for decades.  However it looks like Rog is building a tour around the film.  Back in the day,…MORE


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