Dave Allen

April 1, 1993 is when Dave started at the KATT, the first time. His duties included running the board for Rock Line so Zoobeck could go home early (or wherever he went on Monday nights). It snowballed from there. He picked up a few weekend shifts, produced the Rick & Brad show for a while and then took on the job of Market Research Director. After leaving the KATT unexpectedly, he spent 20 years as a Classic Rock DJ schooling his listeners in the ways of Rock & Roll, as any good Unkle would do. In an interview with (name withheld for legal reasons), Dave was quoted saying “I love music. That’s why I do what I do. Some people get into this business for fame. Not me! You can have the fame. It’s the music that matters.” So, tune into the KATT and tune out the World as Dave rocks you with the best Pure Rock.​


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