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Doomscrolling can steal hours of your time — here’s how to take it back

You’re mindlessly scrolling on your phone after a long day at work, sifting through miles of negative posts. In what seems like minutes, hours have gone by. Doomscrolling has become a popular word over the past year to describe the habit of mindlessly scrolling through negative news. People lose their perception of time while scrolling…MORE

Here’s why new ‘WandaVision’ episodes debut in the middle of the night

Every Friday, groggy Marvel fans either wake up early or stay up late to follow along with the weekly adventures of streaming’s favorite couple: witchy Wanda Maximoff and her humanoid husband, The Vision, on Disney+’s “WandaVision.” Marvel Studios’ first original series for Disney+ has found a loyal audience, even though new episodes debut at a…MORE

Biden set for consoler-in-chief visit to winter storm-battered Texas

President Joe Biden will embrace a familiar role on his trip to Houston Friday as he seeks to offer both comfort and federal support after a severe winter storm-battered Texas and left millions without power, heat or water. It’s a role past presidents have stepped into amid disasters and tragedies but also one that comes…MORE

Trump returns and Republican 2024 prospects seek breakout moments at CPAC gathering

Republican politicians, media personalities and activists are gathering this weekend in Florida for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, an event that could offer an early window into the party’s 2024 presidential contest while also amplifying false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. Former President Donald Trump will be the star of the show…MORE


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