Jake Daniels

jake300This is Jake Daniels.  He appears menacing but he is not.  As a young boy growing up in Warr Acres, he remembers riding the bus to school and listening to the KATT every morning.  The art teachers at Putnam City High School were cool enough to let them listen during class too.  Shout out to Mr Burnich and Mr Kyle!  Never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine he’d be at the KATT, in the first place and for 25 years.  Jake started working at the KATT in 1992.  Where the hair was long.  Very long!   And everyone smoked in the studio.  jakevhWhere back then it wasn’t considered working.  It was more like volunteering until someone got fired or quit.  No one ever left the KATT because it was and still is the radio station to be at.  Jake hung around long enough to learn from the KATT greats over the years.  Now he says and does crazy things weekday afternoons on the KATT.  Yep the hair is shorter.  But he is long on creativity.  Jake spends a lot of time behind a keyboard trol….um creating and watching Bigfoot videos on Youtube.  Jake has fathered three beautiful children, lives in North Okc and rocks central Oklahoma every weekday afternoon from 2 to 6 on the long hairy KATT.



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