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Hayabusa2 mission will land the first subsurface asteroid samples on Earth

The first sample collected from material beneath the surface of an asteroid is about to land on Earth. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Hayabusa2 mission is heading toward Earth to drop off its sample collection capsule before moving on to the next part of its extended mission: visiting more asteroids. Watch the livestream of the…MORE

Covid-19 is raging through overcrowded California prisons

As Covid-19 infections surge across California, state correctional facilities have recorded more than 4,000 active cases among inmates and another 1,430 among staff — the highest numbers recorded since the pandemic’s start. That means California’s total number of inmate infections is now up to more than 22,300, including 90 deaths. That translates to about 227…MORE

First shipments of coronavirus vaccine will fall short

State health departments and governors’ offices across the country are finally being told by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Operation Warp Speed how many doses of the coronavirus vaccine they will initially be receiving once the vaccine becomes is authorized, and it’s not enough. With the Pfizer vaccine emergency use authorization expected…MORE

A Minnesota elementary school teacher donates kidney to her school’s custodian

Third-grade teacher Erin Durga says chills ran through her body the moment she learned a school custodian needed a kidney donation. She had an unshakable feeling that she would be the match to save him. Durga and school custodian Pat Mertens started working at Kimball Elementary School in Kimball, Minnesota, in the same year, 2011.…MORE

Biden’s Cabinet conundrum deepens amid criticism over diversity

Joe Biden renewed his promise this week to build an administration that will “look like the country.” But that task is proving to be a major challenge for the President-elect as he tries to achieve the right ideological balance and avoid alienating key allies — while some Black and Latino leaders voice disappointment about the…MORE

$60,000 reward offered in shooting death of 1-year-old boy in Washington, DC

$60,000 reward offered in shooting death of 1-year-old boy in Washington, DC

Authorities offered reward of up to $60,000 after a 1-year-old was shot and killed in Washington, DC, on Wednesday night, according to police. The boy, Carmelo Duncan, was in a car when he was shot multiple times, police said. Preliminary information indicates that a man was driving the car, and there may have been another…MORE


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