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THUMBNAIL2_20180527-Rocklahoma with Adalita's Way

[VIDEO] Jay & Allison talk to Rick from Adalitas Way

Jay Ramone and Allison Chainz sit down with Rick DeJesus from Adalitas Way at Rocklahoma 2018. Rick talks about how well the new singles are doing with their fans and the band’s experience with working independently versus working with a major label.MORE

THUMBNAIL2_20180527-Rocklahoma with Halestorm

[VIDEO] Cameron & Allison talk to Halestorm

Cameron Buchholtz & Allison Chainz talk to Lzzy & Arejay Hale during day three of Rocklahoma. Revealing a drop of new music, finishing the new record, and discussing their thoughts on harsh critics from their last album.MORE

Thumbnail2-20171001-Christy-Gemini Syndrome Interview

Interview with Gemini Syndrome at KATTFEST

Allison Chainz sat down with Aaron Nordstrom and Brian Steele Medina from Gemini Syndrome for a quick chat. The band was one of the supporting acts of KATTFEST 2017 at the Zoo Amphitheater.MORE


Throwback: Toddler Girl Singing To Rammstein

Even though this video was uploaded originally in 2010. This 22-month old metalhead is really cute. She starts singing along to Rammstein’s “Du Hast” for a minute or so. Her tiny high-pitched voice is quite the contrast to Till Lindemann’s amazingly deep voice. Entertaining as hell, nonetheless. We wonder what music she’s into now at the…MORE

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Cameron talks to Sam Kiszka of GRETA VAN FLEET

Cameron recently spoke to Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka at the Austin City Limits festival. They talked performing on the same fest as Paul McCartney, their new album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army,” selling out shows, and much more.MORE


Jay Ramone and the Local Talent Show pay tribute to Dimebag Darrell

December 8th, 2004, I was living in Stillwater, Oklahoma when I heard the news that Darrell Abbott had been shot on stage in Columbus, OH while performing with Damageplan. I have been a Pantera & Darrell Abbott fan for as long as I can remember. Vulgar Display of Power was the first Pantera record I…MORE


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