Jake Daniels Monday’s Broadcast 5-05-14


5:05PM    From the rock and politics file comes Roger Waters and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd fame are asking the Rolling Stones to back out of an upcoming show in Israel.  Waters believes the countries attitude towards Palestinines are an “attempt to whitewash the policies of an unjust and racist regime”.  Playing in Israel is the equivelant of playing in South Africa during aparthied says Waters…



4:30PM    As residents of Logan County here in Oklahoma recover from the wildfires and the heartland recovers from deadly tornadoes, the Red Cross is there.  Won’t you help? Text Red Cross to 90999 to donate 10 dollars.


3:30PM    Details of torture techniques using Red Hot Chili Peppers music in recent weeks has inflamed Chad Smith of the Chili Peppers.  The enhanced interrogation was used by the CIA at Guantanimo Bay in 2002 against alleged terrorists being held by our government.  The story broke on Al Jazeera America. TMZ was able to get comment from Los Angeles native Chad Smith.


3:05PM   Tonight is Game 1 in Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs.  Thunder vs. Clippers!   Brian Davis who can be heard with Rick N Brad Monday mornings at 8:15am talks about the Thunder starting strong in this first game tonight at the Peake.  Tip off is at 8:30PM.



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