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When we hear the words “beauty tutorial,” most of us probably think of Heidi Klum before we think of Gene Simmons. But the KISS bassist has teamed up with the folks at Cosmopolitan on a new video. In the 14-minute clip, Simmons gives us a highly detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how he transforms himself into the KISS Demon before shows. His pupil is none other than his daughter Sophie Tweed Simmons who, by the end of the video, looks like a chip off the old block.




Nikki Sixx recently talked to the Toronto Sun about all things Motley Crue. The band is, of course, in the midst of its farewell tour and they’ve been playing a new song — appropriately titled “All Bad Things Must End” — at these gigs. Explaining the song’s inspiration, Sixx says, “It’s pretty much us saying even the devil’s got to pay for his crime at some time… It’s kind of a dark, snarky, Motley Crue way of looking at our[selves].”

Of the band’s decision to play their final show in Los Angeles, Sixx adds, “I had been talking to the guys and I said, ‘We have to take our final bow in the city that we started in.’ Just the four of us, that didn’t even have a way to get around town, walking up and down Sunset Boulevard, putting up flyers… It’s been over 30 years [but] it’s the same four guys.”

Sixx also weighed in on the upcoming film adaptation of the Crue book The Dirt —  Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band. “It’s got edge, it’s got bite, it’s not a VH1 glossy, Rock of Ages period piece,” says the bassist. “It’s a real story of a real band… The worst thing we could do is cast a bunch of known actors. The four characters of Motley Crue, they need to be some unknown guys that are willing to just get in there and go for it. I don’t want to look at a famous actor playing Vince Neil. I’m not going to believe it.”

Motley Crue’s farewell tour stops in Pelham, Alabama on Friday.



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