Jake Daniels Wednesday’s Broadcast 8-20-14


Bush will return this fall with a brand-new album, Man on the Run.  It’s due October 21; the first single, “The Only Way Out,” will be available September 9.

The new album, the band’s sixth, is the follow-up to their 2011 release, The Sea of Memories.  The first single from that album, “The Sound of Winter,” became the first self-released song ever to hit #1 at Alternative Rock radio.

In conjunction with the new album, Bush is teaming with PledgeMusic for a special campaign that will offer fans the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at the new album.  A message on the site from frontman Gavin Rossdale notes, “By joining us here, you’ll also have access to videos, previously unreleased music, exclusive photos, and the chance to have some amazing experiences and interactions with Chris, Robin, Corey and me. It’s an exciting way for us to share the process of releasing our new music.”

Rossdale will be seen on NBC this fall when he serves as an advisor to his wife Gwen Stefani‘s team on The Voice.




If you got up this morning with the feeling that somehow, today was going to be special, maybe this this why: Glenn Danzig is doing an EP of Elvis Presley covers.

The Danzig frontman posts on his Facebook page, “So strange how things happen. Working in studio all this week on ‘Danzig sings Elvis’ ep & tonight is anniversary of day Elvis died.”  He adds, “RIP EAP,” for “Rest in peace, Elvis Aaron Presley.” 

Elvis died 37 years ago last Saturday, when Danzig wrote his post.

Danzig Sings Elvis, if that indeed is the EP’s title, is due out sometime next year, according to an internet music blog…



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