Wednesday’s Rundown – June 10th

Cop’s Pool Party Barrel Roll Mashed Up With A Beastie Boys Soundtrack:

Is Your Garage Too Cluttered to Fit Your Car?:
We’re basically a country full of HOARDERS . . . and the epidemic is way worse than you think.
A new survey found one in FOUR garages in this country are so jammed full of crap, a car won’t fit inside.
The survey also found 27% of people use their garage for hobbies, 23% use it to work on cars, 19% do carpentry in there, and 13% use it as an exercise area.
One in four people are also EMBARRASSED about how the inside of their garage looks, and about one in three people keep the door permanently SHUT, so other people can’t see the mess inside. (PR Newswire)

A Lady Catches a Stranger Making a Baked Potato in Her House . . . Then He Goes Outside to Rake Leaves?

patrick lynn waits
Can you really call someone a burglar when they’re more helpful than grabby?
A woman in Hobbs, New Mexico got woken up last week by a noise . . . and when she went downstairs, she saw a strange man in her house.  (Hobbs is in the southeast corner of New Mexico, on the border with Texas.)
It was 45-year-old Patrick Lynn Waits . . . and he was cleaning her countertop.
She asked him what he was doing in her house, and he said he was making a baked potato in the microwave.  Apparently he’d made a little mess, so he was cleaning up after himself.
Then he went outside and started RAKING her LEAVES.
She told him to stay put so she could get money to pay him.  She says she wanted him to stay there until the cops arrived, but we’re thinking she ALSO figured she might as well squeeze as many chores out of him as possible?
He kept on raking until the cops showed up and arrested him for burglary and unlawful entry. (Newser)

29 Gallons of Breast Milk!:
There’s a hospital in Wisconsin that accepts breast milk donations for premature babies, and a woman recently donated 29 GALLONS.  Apparently she spent months saving it up in her fridge. (Full Story)

A Little Kid Has a Meltdown After He Steps in Dog Poop:
Someone posted a video of their kid FREAKING out after he stepped in dog poop in his bare feet.  He looks like he’s about three, and half of the video is him screaming for someone to go grab paper towels.


People Who Made $2 Bets on American Pharoah Have Left $300,000 on the Table, Because They Want to Keep Their Betting Stubs?

A lot of people made $2 bets on American Pharoah this weekend, and when he won, they took home a whopping $3.50 in cold, hard cash money.  Well, actually, most of them didn’t.

A Belmont Stakes spokesman says most of the people who bet $2 on American Pharoah did not cash in their tickets.  Incredibly, of the 94,128 $2 bets made . . . 90,237 went unclaimed.  That’s almost 96% . . . and a total of $315,829 that’s gone unclaimed.
Why?  Probably to either keep their uncashed tickets as a memento, or sell them on eBay.  Some have already sold in the $20 to $30 range.  Nobody’s getting rich, but it beats $3.50.
Bettors who still want to cash in those tickets have until next March, after that the money goes back to New York State.


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