Friday’s Rundown – June 12th

18% of Couples Now Sleep in Separate Beds:
There’s something really comfortable about sleeping in your own bed.  But that isn’t supposed to be better than the intimacy of SHARING a bed with your husband or wife.
Then again, spreading out IS really nice . . .
A new survey found 18% of American couples now regularly sleep in separate beds.
Unfortunately, they didn’t get too deep into WHY . . . the only reason they looked at was snoring.
64% of people said their significant other snores, and half of them said they lose sleep because of it.
Men are able to sleep through someone snoring better than women. (PR Newswire)

A Man Breaks His Junk When He Falls Off a Scooter Watching Porn:
When you do deviant things in public, you can’t be THAT surprised when something goes horribly wrong.
A guy named Yu in Guangdong, China recently got a ride on a taxi scooter, and he figured he might as well multitask.  So he pulled out his phone and started watching PORN.
As far as we know, he wasn’t pleasuring himself . . . but there was still a good rush of blood down there.
Unfortunately, that’s when the driver hit a bump, and Yu went flying off.
He landed on his engorged junk . . . and BROKE it.
He was hospitalized with damaged erectile tissue.  Now he’s planning to sue the driver for $65,000. (Shanghaiist / Tomo News)
In Theaters This Week…

1.)  “Jurassic World”  (PG-13)  Trailer and the Extended First Look
The fourth “Jurassic Park” movie takes place 22 years after the first one.  It stars Chris Pratt as a researcher studying raptor behavior on the island, Bryce Dallas Howard as the park’s operations manager, and Vincent D’Onofrio as head of security.
After 10 years of being open, the park hasn’t been getting as many visitors, so the owners decide to engineer a new attraction.  They create a genetically modified hybrid called Indominus Rex that’s smarter, faster, and more vicious than any other dinosaur.
The first “Jurassic Park” movie played in theaters for over a year in 1993 and it earned $1 billion worldwide.  This one’s expected to pull in at least $110 million this weekend.
B.D. Wong is the only actor from the original movie to return for “Jurassic World”.  If you’re interested, you can see how the rest of the original cast aged at

2.) The 11th Hour”  (Unrated)  Trailer  (Limited Release)
Kim Basinger plays a woman who’s gotten everything she wants out of life except a baby.  After repeated miscarriages, her doctor finally tells her she’s too old to carry a child . . . which makes her desperate to get a baby by any means necessary. (Warning: Trailer may be uncensored!)