Josh Todd & The Conflict Perform “Rain” In KATT’s Jungle Room

Josh Todd & The Conflict is a new band featuring singer Josh Todd and guitarist Stevie D of Buckcherry. This live acoustic performance of the song “Rain” was performed in the legendary KATT Jungle Room. “Rain” is the fist single off the band’s debut album entitled “Year of the Tiger”. It’s available September 15th via Century Media. (Warning: Video is NSFW – Language)

The album was co-produced by guitarist Stevie D. as well as Eric Kretz (Stone Temple Pilots’ drummer).

Josh Todd & The Conflict band members:

Josh Todd-Vocals

Stevie D.-Guitar

Sean Winchester-Drums

Greg Cash-Bass

Check out the interview with Josh Todd as well as the band’s drummer Sean Winchester. They sat down with The KATT’s Cameron Buchholtz to discuss the new band’s direction and the album.


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