OKC ‘Naked and Afraid’ Contestant Teal Bulthuis Interview

Brad Copeland of the Rick & Brad Morning Show is a big fan of Discovery network’s survivalist show ‘Naked and Afraid’. So when Teal Bulthuis reached out to us as an Oklahoma City cast member on the show, it was a no-brainer to have her on the show and talk about her experience surrounding the show. Mind you, we couldn’t get too far into the details of her time on the show because the episode doesn’t air until Sunday, May 6th.

It was awesome to have Teal on the show with us today. We will be working with her in the coming week or so to have her back on so we can dive deeper into her experience of surviving 21 days in the wild all while being nude with a male cast member whom she’d never met before. So stay tuned in to the Rick & Brad Morning Show for her next appearance on the air.

Here’s our interview with Teal. Below that audio, Discovery network provided us with a sneak peek of Teal Bulthuis’ introduction on the episode. So huge thanks to Discovery for that footage!

FOLLOW UP: After Teal’s episode aired, we asked her to stop back by the studio and talk to us about many of the questions that we had. Here’s our follow-up discussion about her time surviving in the wilderness for 21 days.


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